Boom lifts are a great tool for a variety of different tasks, but not all boom lifts are alike. Whether renting a boom lift to service electrical lines, trim trees, install insulation, clean windows, or something else entirely, it is important to know the different capabilities of the various boom lifts available on the rental market when making a decision about which machine to rent. Fortunately, since Tobly makes the aerial work platform rental and pricing process so quick and easy, you have time to do some research!   

Boom lifts or bucket lifts extend a work platform on a hydraulically powered lifting arm to various heights and horizontal reaches. A boom lift has a much smaller vehicle body than a bucket truck, which allows for greater maneuverability on the ground and is ideal for squeezing into tight spaces. The boom lift can be controlled from inside the bucket. The bucket is typically sized for one person and is not designed to carry large amounts of weight.   

Weight and Height Capacities

There are two different types of boom lift, depending on what kind of maneuverability is needed.   

Articulating boom lifts have an elevated work platform which is extended along a sectioned, or jointed, lifting arm to allow both vertical and horizontal maneuverability for getting into tight spaces or around obstacles. For this reason, they are also often referred to as knuckle booms or up and over booms. Typical height ranges for an articulated boom lift are between 30′ and 158’.

Telescopic booms lifts, also known as straight booms or stick booms, extend along a straight, unjointed lifting arm and provide easy access to aerial working locations both vertically and horizontally. The telescopic boom lift has an even greater reach than the articulated boom lift, with the largest models reaching heights of up to 185’, or 19 stories.   

  • The Genie SX-180 Telescopic Boom Lift has a weight capacity of 750 pounds and a working height range extending up to 180’ in the air.   
  • The JLG 1850SJ Ultra Boom, can lift up to 1,000 pounds to a working height of over 185’.   
  • Certain models of bucket truck even have vertical reaches of up to 320’.   

These heights far exceed the capabilities of other aerial lifts, such as scissor lifts, which top out at working heights of about 50’.

Finding the Right One

No matter the job, there is a boom lift with the capability to help you complete it. However, it isn’t always easy to find these large boom lifts since few rental companies own this inventory. The scarcity can make it even more challenging and time-consuming to search for and rent this piece of equipment. With Tobly’s innovative approach to the construction equipment rental process, it’s easy to find the right boom lift for your build. Don’t waste time calling around to try to find the boom lift that fits your project. Make Tobly your first stop, and you’ll instantly see what equipment is available and at what price.

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