Single man lifts are electric vertical personnel lifts used to elevate one single worker performing general commercial and institutional maintenance, these lifts can be transported comfortably in tight indoor spaces and can easily squeeze through single doors. 

They are used for tasks such as changing light bulbs, high dusting, painting ceilings or repairing joists and electrical fitouts at hard to reach heights and its compact designs allow moving units through standard doorways and operation in narrow corridors, and among clothing racks in shopping malls.

There are two types: self propelled single man lifts reach from 12 to 25 feet, self propelled single man lifts are widely used as they can be driven from the basket comfortably and efficiently in the job, Tobly offers single men lift rentals in over 30 locations across the us. 

The push-around single man lift can reach from 20 to 40 feet, they are easy to use and are perfect for places with weight restrictions or tiny corridors, once set into place these push around lifts can be operated statically. The push around lifts can reach higher than self propelled as it has to be placed on four outriggers to ensure stability, make sure you are in a firm, clear and elevated space. In general single men lifts are great help for jobs at a considerable height and that can be quickly adjusted. 

In some states these lifts are known as one man lifts instead of single manlift, in order to rent one of these, you can easily access our company Tobly and rent them online. 

See below a list of links to the single man lift rentals in NY, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Tampa, Chicago, Phoenix, or Connecticut, or anywhere else Tobly has you covered!


20 ft Single Man Lift | Self Propelled | Chicago, IL 

Los Angeles

20 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | Los Angeles, CA


20 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | Miami, FL 


20 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | New York City, NY 

20 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | New York City, NY 

20 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | New York City, NY 


30 ft Single Man Lift | Push Around | Orlando, FL 

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