Scissor lifts provide operators with opportunity for both increased speed and security while working in a wide array of environments.  Typically, they are capable of handling heavier workloads and providing drivers with a more functional working platform than other aerial equipment on the market today. In our 10 Step Guide to Renting Aerial Equipment, we established some of the considerations to take before deciding on a what type of equipment best suits your needs.   Once you establish that the scissor lift is what you are looking for, you’ll want to do a little more in-depth evaluation of your needs to find out what classification will be the best fit.  

Not all scissor lifts are created equal, so we want to make sure you make the right decision.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Ideal for both commercial and industrial work environments, an electric scissor lift can bring safety and ease to warehouses, retail shops, and production facilities alike.  Electric scissor lifts are much quieter, produce zero emissions, and have less dependency on hydraulic oils than other aerial working platforms. They also come with the option of non-marking tires. Electric scissor lifts are a clear choice for indoor operations.  

Electric scissor lifts are designed to be compact for easy maneuverability down narrow aisles and to allow for passage through small doorways while still providing the vertical extension needed for a wide variety of tasks.  The safety features, such as secure wrap around railings, and versatility of applications make an electric scissor lift a natural replacement for the traditional ladder or scaffolding in many workplace tasks.  Whether performing sign repairs, changing light bulbs, working in loading bays, or accessing high storage racks in warehouse spaces, an electric scissor lift can get the job done with the dependability and ease of operation that will only increase job site productivity.  

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Not all job sites are created equal either.  Lucky for us, if you are in need of something a little more rugged to get around or something for less than favorable environments, we have a solution.  Rough terrain scissor lifts offer many of the same features as an electric scissor lift, and then some.  Coming in both gas and diesel engines, rough terrain scissor lifts tend to be more construction oriented than their electric sisters.  However, they may be a bit noisier than electric models since these larger engines are designed for increased productivity in outdoor worksites.

They tend to have larger working platforms, higher weight capacity, and greater vertical reach.  Rough terrain scissor lifts can be found in both four-wheel and all-wheel drives making getting around obstacle-laden job sites a breeze.  Some are also made with optional outriggers for added base stability while the lift is extended.  The workload capacity of rough terrain scissor lifts is substantially greater; starting at the high end of electric lifts capacity, they can lift approximately 1,000 to 2,250 pounds depending on the model and some can reach heights up to 60 feet.  If you are looking for a mobile aerial work platform that is not only sturdy but offers the best in stability, workable space, and optimal weight capacity, a rough terrain scissor lift is probably the way to go.

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