Boom Lift Rental

Tobly provides Boom Lifts throughout San Francisco including Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lifts.

Our boom lift rentals in San Francisco range from 30ft to 135ft. A single person can operate most lifts, but we do suggest working in teams for safety.

There are two main types of lifts: articulating and telescopic.

Articulating boom lifts have sections that can move independently and they have a tight turning radius. This is so workers can get to hard-to-reach places even in small spaces.

Telescopic boom lifts do not bend. Rather their sections move slide inside one another to make the lift longer or shorter. It may seem like an articulating lift is the best one to use, but telescopic lifts have the advantage of reaching higher points and being stronger.

As a quick reference, use a telescopic boom when you need superior strength or more height/reach over an obstacle. If you are in a more compact space, the articulating lift is more compact and agile.